Dear ______________,

  Instead of wandering the mall in search of the perfect gift for me this year, I've decided to put together a simple Wish List of all the Close To My Heart rubber stamp and scrapbook supplies that I've been dying to have! Check it out...

  All you have to do is contact my consultant (I've included her contact information below) and give her the list of things you would like to purchase for me. She takes Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Money Orders! Normal delivery can take up to 3 weeks so remember to order all my new Close To My Heart toys early. *hint hint*


Item #















































































My Close to My Heart Consultant is:
 Suzanne Davis

or shop online at


__________1 - Subtotal
__________2 - S/H 7.95% or $4.75, whichever is greater
__________3 - Grand Total